CULTURE (2017 | Issue 3)

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What’s Up, Germany? Cultural Crossword

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  • 1. The German highway system with practically no speed limit
  • 2. A German design movement started by Walter Gropius
  • 3. He wrote The Communist Manifesto along with Friedrich Engels
  • 4. Germany's professional association football league
  • 5. This German-American composer scored the film Dunkirk
  • 6. _____ composed Ode to Joy, the European Union's anthem
  • 7. She is Germany's first female chancellor
  • 8. The world's most famous beer festival
  • 9. The _____ brothers wrote the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel
  • 10. A famous type of German sausage
  • 11. The Easter _____ originated in Germany


  • 12. Spargel is called _____ in English
  • 13. A well-known German electronic music band
  • 14. The city of _____ is home to the tallest church in the world
  • 15. A traditional Bavarian dress worn by women
  • 16. The oldest large-scale film studio in the world, located just outside Berlin
  • 17. A German chocolate cake filled with cream and decorated with cherries
  • 18. The _____ in Berlin houses the German Parliament
  • 19. _____ is an entertainment district in Hamburg
  • 20. The German word for trousers is _____