Space (2019 | Issue 1)

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What’s Up, Germany?s
Survival Kit for a Space Trip!

Surviving in space is no small feat. Astronauts are trained for years before they’re ready to take off from Earth and live in space. What’s Up, Germany? has put together some tips to help you survive up there in case you’re planning a holiday that’s literally out of this world! Be prepared! Things are very different on a spaceship!

Easy Come, Easy Go!

It takes the body some time to adjust to space travel. In the beginning you’ll feel disoriented, not knowing which way is up. A strong push off a surface will send you hurtling around like a ping-pong ball! Nice and easy does the trick. Once you get the hang of floating in zero gravity, it’s like a dream come true. You’ll be effortlessly gliding in the spaceship, just like in the movies!

Feeling Tall

Since there’s no gravity to pull you down, your spine will stretch out, making you taller by two inches. Get ready to reach a new high!

Potty Training

No kidding! You will need to be trained on a space potty which has a small four-inch hole. So, fasten your seat belts, carefully align yourself and aim well!

Washing Up

You can’t take a hot shower in space, since water does not flow in a zero-g environment. It’ll just stay mid-air, so there are no showers, wash basins or faucets! You’ll have to get used to using a wet towel and waterless shampoo.

No Crumbs, Please!

Astronauts eat many of the same foods as they did on Earth, except their food is freeze-dried and dehydrated. Bread and other crumbly edibles are a big no-no! They could get in the eyes and damage important equipment. You can gorge on tortillas though! What about salt and pepper? No worries. You can spice up your food with them, but in liquid form. Oh, and you will need to strap your food and yourself to stay in one place to enjoy your meal. Guten Appetit!

Space Slumber

Sleeping in space requires more than just lying down. Your sleeping bag would have to be strapped to something to ensure it doesn’t drift away in the middle of the night! You’ll also need earplugs to block out the constant noise from the machines. The cool thing is, if you snore on earth, you’ll snooze silently in space! In case you have trouble falling off to sleep, the breathtaking views of planet Earth from the window are sure to bliss you out.

Words that Mean Different
Things in Space!


On earth: The excess weight around your tummy!
In space: A tightly packed group of stars found in the centre of a spiral galaxy.


On earth: A state of complete unconsciousness.
In space: A spherical cloud of gas and dust around the nucleus of a comet.


On earth: Corona = beer!
In space: The outermost layer of the sun’s atmosphere.


On earth: Unusual—and sometimes amusing—behaviour!
In space: The amount by which an object’s orbit deviates from a perfect circle.


On earth: An adult female horse.
In space: A dark area of the moon.


On earth: Looking bright and lovely after a facial!
In space: A point in the sky from which a meteor shower seems to originate.


On earth: Schwarzenegger! And he will be back!
In space: The boundary between the light and dark side of a planet or moon.


On earth: An unwelcome visitor in your computer!
In space: An asteroid located at the Lagrange points roughly 60 degrees in front of or behind Jupiter.


On earth: If you’re on the same wavelength as someone, you’re in sync and share the same ideas. That’s why you get along so well!
In space: The distance between successive wave crests.