CULTURE (2017 | Issue 3)

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Survival Kit

Think you know Germany well? Maybe you’ve visited the country or lived there and picked up some typical German habits without realising it or because you find them cool. Let’s find out how German you are!

1. Like a true local you use slang like “Na?”, “Tja”, “Jein”, “Bescheuert”, “Alles klar” and “Mach’s gut”!

2. You love to take a hike—literally! Life’s all about being active. Walking, cycling, trekking, playing…

3. You need a break from the city from time to time. After all, you need a dose of nature! It’s good for the soul.

4. You’ll buy anything with the word “Bio” on it. Organic rules!

5. Imagine crossing when the Ampelmännchen is red? Never!

6. It’s potatoes all the way for you! Fried, roasted, boiled, anything goes as long as it’s potato!

7. You never leave home without an umbrella.

8. When someone says they’ll meet you around sixish you cringe! Punctuality is sacrosanct for you.

9. Efficiency is your middle name. You just get down to the task at hand and get it done. And you love sorting, filing and storing documents in binders!

10. You say it like it is—direct and honest! Is there any other way?

11. You love Hausschuhe! The moment you step into your home, you slip into your house shoes.

12. You add fizzy water to just about everything you drink, especially apple juice. Who doesn’t enjoy a good old Schorle?!

Add up the points that apply to you and check your score:

0–4 Nein! You’re far from German.

5-7 You’re half way there! Adopt a few more traits and you’ll get there.

8-13 Your habits couldn’t be more German!