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What's Up, Ambassador?
Dr Ney on why Germany is an ideal partner for
India's “Smart Cities Mission”.
What exactly is a smart city?
What’s Up, Germany? presents what it takes
to make a city truly smart.
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Mission Transform(n)ation

Smart Cities fast forward!
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Visions of Tomorrow
Here's a peek into fantasy worlds we
could live in some day! Read more.

SMART CITIES (2016 | Issue 3)

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  • Dr. Martin Ney, German Ambassador to India | What’s Up, Germany?

What’s Up, Ambassador?

“Germany is committed to helping India make a success of its smart cities programme,” says Dr Martin Ney.

  • Smart Cities Mission | Smart Cities Concept | Smart City Features

Welcome to the Urban Age

Citizen participation, efficient infrastructure, information technology, etc. Ben the Bear explains what makes a city smart.

  • Urban Trends: Did You Know?

Urban Trends: Did You Know?

Around 42% of global commuters reported that traffic had increased their level of stress, while 35% experienced increased anger.

  • Smart Cities Mission

Smart Cities in India

What's Up, Germany? gives you the low-down on India's “Smart Cities Mission”.

  • Germany: Evolving with Foresight

Germany: Evolving with Foresight

Find out what makes Germany a leading provider of smart city solutions for the world.

  • Smart Cities in Germany

Full Speed Ahead: German Cities get Smarter

Check out some interesting pilot projects and sustainable smart solutions launched in German cities.

  • Indo-German Cooperation: Mission Transform(n)ation

Indo-German Cooperation: Mission Transform(n)ation

Indo-German ties go back a long way. Currently, Germany is India's second-largest bilateral donor.

  • Dr Ney Hits The Bullseye

Dr Ney Hits The Bullseye

What's Up, Germany? joined Ambassador Dr Ney on his tour of Bhubaneswar, Kochi and Coimbatore. We bring you some memorable moments from each city.

  • The Architecture of Sustainability

The Architecture of Sustainability

Manit Rastogi, founding partner at Morphogenesis, shares his vision of a smart city with What's Up, Germany?

  • Smart Cities Mission | Vision of Smart City| Smart City Solutions & Concept

Visions of Smart Cities

What was once considered futuristic and fantastical is now a reality. Who knows what's in store?! Let your imagination soar!

  • The Pathfinders

The Pathfinders

What's Up Germany?'s Pathfinders are driven, passionate and caring. These forward-thinking individuals share suggestions on how our cities can be made smarter.

  • What's Up, Germany?'s Survival Kit

What’s Up, Germany?’s Survival Kit

“What is the city but the people,” said Shakespeare. It was true then, and it's true now.

  • Smartizens


What's Up Germany?'s Smartizens talk about all things smart!

  • Colour Your Way into the Future - What’s Up, Germany?

Colour Your Way into the Future

Send us a picture of your coloured page and win exciting prizes!

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    It was a pleasure going through your magazine.

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    Very interesting. Dr Ney is doing great work. Lots of good wishes.

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    Wonderful collaboration with India. It’s a delightful, harmonious presentation in the world of sustainable development.

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