HOLIDAYS IN GERMANY (2017 | Issue 1)

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Need for speed - What’s Up, Germany?

Germany is one of the largest automobile manufacturers. Who hasn’t heard of the world’s most popular and respected “Made in Germany” car brands like Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW? It’s no surprise that the country is also home to four of the finest motoring museums: the state-of-the-art Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums. They form a “golden triangle” that can easily be covered in a couple of days. Innovation, style and engineering excellence is on display, so prepare to be amazed!

What’s Up, Germany? zips through these car museums that are sure to thrill car enthusiasts!

BMW Museum, Munich:

Located next to the BMW Tower, this museum traces the history of this classy brand. On display are 120 cars, motorcycles and engines, including the company’s first car, the Dixi. Don’t miss the riveting tour at the nearby BMW factory.

Audi’s Museum Mobile, Ingolstadt, Bavaria:
This museum, with its historical exhibits, tells the story of Audi. A highlight: the paternoster lift that displays 14 cars in constant motion.

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart:
Displaying both vintage and modern vehicles, this collection is a veritable timeline of Mercedes’ history and of 130 years of the automobile. The world’s first petrol-powered motorcar can be seen here!

Porsche Museum, Stuttgart:
This futuristic museum showcases 80 vehicles from the early 20th century to the present.

Autostadt, Wolfsburg:
Just a one-hour train ride from Berlin, the Volkswagen complex, with its glass-and-steel buildings, houses a huge museum, restaurants, shops, driving tracks and the Volkswagen factory—the largest auto plant in the world. A highlight: the glass elevator that takes you to the Car Tower.

Auto & Technik Museum, Sinsheim:
A private museum that houses 260 cars as well as airplanes and motorcycles. It even has its own IMAX 3D cinema!

Technic Museum, Speyer:
This is where you can see vintage cars, motorcycles, fire trucks, a jumbo jet and a submarine in one place!

What’s Up, Germany? presents some fun and quirky things to do for speed demons and adrenalin junkies!

1. Rent a car and experience the vroom of a German car on an autobahn. These highways practically have no speed limits!

2. Drive a 34-tonne Soviet-era tank at the Panzer Fun Fahrschule, Germany’s playground for men near Berlin. They even let you crush old cars!

3. Keen to conquer the skies? Spend an afternoon at Happy Landings, a flight simulation centre in Frankfurt.

4. Always wanted to ride a dirt bike? Book an off-road park in Germany and just hit the trail! All you need is a license, sturdy shoes and lots of energy!

5. Try parasailing or paragliding at one of the many schools. It’s sure to give you a kick!

6. If you’re into black comedy, head straight to the Hamburg Dungeon! You’ll laugh and scream as you journey across 600 years of the city’s murky past through gripping storytelling with live actors, exciting rides and special effects.

7. Get behind the wheel at Germany’s most famous racetrack, Nürburgring. This 1,50,000-capacity motorsports complex in Nürburg features a Grand Prix racetrack. Keep your stopwatch handy!

8. If you’re a diehard biker, Germany’s 10,000km Motorbike Route will give you the chance to experience curvy circuits, biker gatherings and dedicated motorcycle museums.

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