HOLIDAYS IN GERMANY (2017 | Issue 1)

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What’s Up, Germany? has put together some super helpful tips you can use while holidaying in Germany!


If you’re planning a holiday in Germany, apply for a visa as early as possible (up to three months before your planned departure date).



Get your health insurance sorted out before you leave, since healthcare is expensive in Germany.



Make sure to carry a universal power adapter. You don’t want your phone to run out of battery just when you’re uploading your vacation pics!



Cash rules in Germany. It’ll be difficult to sail through your trip with just plastic.



Remember to carry your passport and ID card all the time. If you have a student ID, you can get a discount at some museums and landmarks.



Don’t wait to be seated at restaurants. Walk right up to the table of your choice and have a seat.



Put up your thumb to indicate that you want to order one beer.



You’ll have to pay for water in restaurants. Asking for tap water is a no-no, so fill up your water bottle at your hotel. Yes, it’s perfectly safe to drink!


While being introduced to someone, make sure to shake the person’s hand, including children.



Never cross a street when the Ampelmännchen or little traffic man at pedestrian crossings is red!



Don’t let your car’s fuel tank reach empty. It’s an offence to run out of fuel on autobahns.



Dial 112 to contact emergency services (police, fire, ambulance).



Sunday is observed as Ruhetag or quiet day, so most stores remain shut!



You can get a 19% VAT refund on shopping when you leave the country. Just make sure the items are unused and you have the receipts!

Helpful Apps on the Go!

TripList: Create packing and to-do lists so you don’t forget to carry essentials, especially while travelling with children.

Google Translate: No need to carry a bulky dictionary when you have this translator handy. It even works offline.

Localscope: Based on your location and interest, it finds places that are right up your street!

Mom Maps: Find child-friendly places and family fun areas while travelling.

XE Currency: This currency converter really comes in handy while shopping!

HappyCow: Locates vegetarian and vegan food outlets near you.

Language Hacks to Get By!

Do you have vegetarian food?
Haben Sie vegetarisches Essen?
(Hah-ben zee veh-gueh-taa-ri-shes Ess-sen?)

I’d like… please.
Ich möchte bitte…
(Ish mosh-teh bittuh…)

The bill, please!
Die Rechnung, bitte!
(Dee Resh-noong, bittuh!)

Do you accept credit cards?
Nehmen Sie Kreditkarten?
(Nay-mun Zee Kray-deet-car-ten?)

How much does this cost?
Wie viel kostet das?
(Vee feel kos-tet duss?)

To the train station/airport, please.
Zum Bahnhof/Flughafen, bitte.
(Tsoom Barn-hof/Floog-haa-fen, bittuh.)

In what direction is…?
In welcher Richtung ist…?
(In welsh-uh Rish-toong ist…?)

I’ve lost my bag.
Ich habe meine Tasche verloren.
(Ish hah-be my-nuh Taa-schuh fair-lor-en.)

Where is…?
Wo ist…?
(Voh ist…?)

I don’t understand.
Ich verstehe nicht.
(Ish fair-shtay-uh nisht.)

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