Eco Leaders: Energising India with Clean Energy

Motivated and inspired, their life’s mission is to make our earth a cleaner and healthier home. Working to better the environment across various sectors—pollution control, solar energy deployment, eco-friendly interior designing, waste management—they believe in taking action NOW!

Aashish Beergi

eco-leader-aashish-beergiI am working on a zero-waste project in New Moti Bagh. I believe nothing is waste until we waste it. Everything has a value if we put some thought into how to derive that value from it. And we can also make money from waste! Since we don’t have any more land left in Delhi to dump waste, our projects provide effective solutions to this problem.
Project head, Green Planet Waste Management Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Chandramouli Chandrasekaran

eco-leader-chandramouli-chandrasekaranI train people from remote areas on the basics of solar photovoltaics to encourage them to take up rural entrepreneurship. I also construct rainwater harvesting structures in some of the driest parts of Rajasthan to improve water availability and reduce fluoride levels. While availability of clean water is essential for human survival and for improving living conditions, availability of energy is the key to development. I believe that by assisting rural India to become self-sufficient, I am doing my little bit towards national development.
President, Advit Foundation, New Delhi

Dev Arora

eco-leader-dev-aroraAt 8Minutes, we are building a platform that makes it simple for anyone to switch to solar power by making clean energy affordable and accessible. We are creating an ecosystem which is designed to create value and decentralise the distribution of wealth and energy so everyone can participate in India’s clean energy revolution. We have challenged ourselves to reach out to every home and every building in the country, and power people’s lives with cleaner, more affordable solar energy.
Founder & CEO, 8Minutes, New Delhi

Mohit Anand

eco-leader-mohit-anandI work in the ever-dynamic solar energy sector at a leading market analysis and business-consulting firm. As a senior analyst driving our research on global markets, my job is to understand the electricity market fundamentals, policies and macro-economic factors that shape the opportunity for and success of solar energy across countries globally. I love what I do, because I work in a sector that is at the forefront of the energy transition that is significantly reshaping the way we live and interact with our planet and its climate. In my role, I get to choose the topics that I feel are most important and shape the analysis that directly impacts the decision-making of businesses and policymakers that are making the energy transition possible.
Senior analyst, Global Solar Markets at GTM Research, Boston, USA

Tanya Kewalramani

eco-leader-tanya-kewalramaniMy purpose is to enable people to put whatever they use back into the environmental cycle. In nature, all materials go round in cycles and there is no concept of waste. If everything we produced either went back safely to earth or industry, we would no longer need to feel guilty about consumption. Scarcity is created by the take-make-waste culture.
Director, Centre for Ethical Life & Leadership, New Delhi; India representative, Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency, Hamburg

Deepak Sharma

eco-leader-deepak-sharmaWhile travelling through the interiors of rural India, I realised that the youth is migrating to cities in search of work, where they have a below-average quality of life. That really hit me! If the youth is migrating to cities, then who will work for the betterment of their villages? This inspired me to bring basic facilities to the villages to stop this migration. My team and I combined three facilities— electricity, water and toilets—into one initiative: Light a Home Project. Our aim is to empower the youth in rural India.
Trustee, Sri Sri Rural Development Program Trust (SSRDP), Bengaluru

Manak Singh

eco-leader-manak-singhBoth my parents have been very involved in activities that benefit society at large. I felt that promoting solar energy and reducing our generation’s carbon footprint could be a noble way of earning a living. My aim is to educate households on how they can convert their vacant rooftops into mini power stations that supply green energy to the main grid. Not only would this reduce their carbon footprint, it would also contribute to bringing down their electricity bill. It is so lucrative: you recover your investment in 5–6 years. Just imagine, with our population, if all rooftops had 3–5 kilowatt-peak solar systems, we would become an energy-rich nation!
Director marketing & sales, Rimmels Solar, New Delhi

Kanika Chawla

eco-leader-kanika-chawlaI work on renewable energy policy—specifically in the areas of renewables finance, clean jobs and energy storage. It’s an exciting time to be contributing to the mainstreaming of renewable energy, in particular, solar power: taking it from the labs to the streets. Renewable energy doesn’t just limit emissions, it has the potential to power an energy revolution, with improved energy access, energy security and lower costs of inclusive development. Who doesn’t want to be a part of a revolution?
Junior research associate, Council on Energy, Environment and Water, New Delhi

Shweta Arora

eco-leader-shweta-aroraWe can’t let our cities grow unsustainably, as they have immense potential to reduce our ecological footprint. While working at Delhi’s Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) I am trying to understand how pollution can be controlled, and through my NGO Youth for Earth, I am involved in programmes that educate people on how they can make their city greener.
Co-founder, Youth For Earth, New Delhi

Rohan Mathew

eco-leader-rohan-mathewFor long my passion has been sustainable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly designs. I work as an interior designer at my friend’s company. We are in the hospitality and retail space industry, and I try to implement energy-efficient ideas like passive solar design and water harvesting along with natural energy-boosting practices like Vaastu and Feng Shui. I have full faith that people will start requesting for more eco-friendly options while building residential or commercial sites. Though I enjoy my work, my heart’s desire is to work towards balancing the negative impact that humans have on our planet. That is my life’s journey and destiny.
Sustainability consultant, Abundance Design, New Delhi