HOLIDAYS IN GERMANY (2017 | Issue 1)

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Germany - The best country in the world
In 2016, Germany was ranked the best country in the world based on 65 factors. It scored a perfect ten for entrepreneurship.
(US News & World Report 2016)
Germany has 41 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 38 cultural and three natural.
Germany is crisscrossed by 12,700 kilometres of autobahn and a rail network of nearly 35,000 kilometres.
(German Missions in India)
In 2016, Indian tourists had more than 7,00,000 overnight stays in Germany.
There are 104 nature parks, 15 UNESCO biosphere reserves and 16 national parks in Germany.
(German National Tourism Board)
football fan clubs in Germany
There are more football fan clubs in Germany than anywhere else in the world.
(True Nomads)
Three of the ten most liveable cities in the world are in Germany: Munich, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.
(Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey 2016)
The land of Bach, Wagner and Beethoven is home to around 130 professional orchestras, 300 theatres and 6,000 museums.
In 2016, Forbes ranked Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel as the most powerful woman in the world.
Munich is the second-most punctual airport in the world.
Germany has more than 20,000 castles.
(USA Today)
The magazine Travel+Leisure India & South Asia gave Germany the “Best Emerging Destination” Award in 2016.
(The MediaVantage)

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