By the River (2017 | Issue 4)

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The Ganga river basin is home to over 600 million people, or more than half of India’s population.
(The World Bank)

The Ganga contributes to 25% of India’s total water resources.

It took almost 30 years and more than $45 billion to clean the Rhine River.

By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to face water shortages.

At least 21 Indian cities will run out of water by 2030!
(Business World)

Nearly 80% of wastewater worldwide is released into the environment without any treatment!
(UN Water)

Europe’s longest water bridge, located near Magdeburg in Germany, is 918 metres long.
It spans the Elbe River and allows cargo ships to cross over.
(Deutsche Welle)

One third of the 37 largest aquifers in the world, which supply fresh water to millions of people,
are severely depleted.
(The Guardian)

German visual artist Andreas Gursky’s photograph “Rhine II” is the most expensive photograph
ever sold. It was auctioned for a whopping $4.3 million!
(The Telegraph)

Ganga rejuvenation