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What's Up, Ambassador?

Dr Martin Ney speaks from the heart on one of the
biggest challenges we are facing: climate change. »

The A-Team: India and Germany

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We've given the earth a fever
and only we can heal it.
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CLEAN ENERGY  (2016 | Issue 1)

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  • Dr. Martin Ney, German Ambassador to India | What’s Up, Germany?

What’s Up, Ambassador?

Dr Martin Ney talks about climate change and the progress Germany and India are making in transitioning to clean energy.

  • Climate Change

Climate Change

Achtung: the heat is on! Ben the Bear gives you a quick low-down on climate change and the COP21.

  • Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Know the facts. Know the reality. 'Cuz knowledge is power.

  • Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Think Clean. Live clean. Switch to Renewable Energy! It's never been cooler to go alternative!

  • Sustainable Urban Development | Smart City Features

Germany: A Clean Energy Role Model

Want to know what makes Germany a clean energy role model for the world?

  • India and Germany | Indo-German Relations | Indo-German Collaborations

The A-team: India and Germany

The fantastic Indo-German story: cooperation, action & jubilation.

  • Solar Energy in India | German Solar Panels in India

A Solar Revolution in the making

Sunny side up! Did you know India may surpass its 2016 solar projects' target!

  • German Solar Panels in India | Sustainable Urban Development

A Day in a Solar Factory

Curious Ben visited a solar factory near Kolkata to see how a solar panel is made.

  • Wind & Geothermal Energy

Wind & Geothermal Energy

The solution, my friend, is blowing in the wind and under the earth's surface. More power to wind and geothermal energy!

  • Bioenergy & Hydropower in India

Bioenergy & Hydropower

Bioenergy: organic matter matters!
Hydropower: making a splash in India

  • India: Transitioning to Clean Energy

India: Transitioning to Clean Energy

Follow India's transition to clean energy, energy efficiency and sustainability.

  • What's Up, Germany? Exclusive Interview with Dr Arunabha Ghosh, CEO, CEEW

What’s Up, Germany? Exclusive Interview

Expert Speak: Dr Arunabha Ghosh, CEO of India's number one climate-related think tank, talks the talk.

Act Now!

Reduce your carbon footprint by making these small changes.

  • What's Up Survival Kit

What’s Up Survival Kit

Check out these cool quotes for when the going gets hot!

  • The Environment Crossword

The Environment Crossword

Work out your “green” cells with this environment crossword puzzle!

  • Eco Leaders: Energising India with Clean Energy

Eco Leaders: Energising India with Clean Energy

Meet What's Up, Germany?'s Eco Leaders. Young dynamos on the go!

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  1. Avatar
    Dr Vijay Nandvadekar June 29, 2016 at 8:32 am - Reply

    What’s up Germany? What an incredible move to save planet Earth. It’s the complete guide to know everything about clean energy and also it’s importance related to global warming.
    It’s gives me immense pleasure to know about Germany being the leader in clean energy and also guiding others to follow the path. This movement is a real gem, and if properly implemented by the whole world, we are surely going to save the Earth.

    I like the info-graphics about various facts related to clean energy. I also like the different success stories in the field of clean energy. Finally, as they say, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with single step.” This magazine inspires me and others to take steps like “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. I am sure I am going to implement it from today onwards.

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