What’s Up, Deputy?

Dr Jasper Wieck contemplates the sheer vastness and beauty of space.

Did You Know?

Here are some intriguing and incredible facts about space. Enjoy!

The Great Wide Open

What’s Up, Germany? focuses the telescope on the infinite space around our Earth.

Space Firsts

Ready for an action-packed timeline of space exploration milestones?

The A–Z of Space

What’s Up, Germany? brings you a glossary of interesting space words.

Why We Explore!

What’s Up, Germany? highlights the benefits of space exploration.

Germany: A Leader in Space

The German space sector is the second-biggest in Europe. It is at the forefront of research and technological innovation.

Snapshots from Space

Don't miss German astronaut @Astro_Alex's stunning photos from space!

India: Soaring High!

India has scripted a success story in space. What's Up, Germany? gives you an overview of India's space sector.

India & Germany: Onwards & Upwards!

Over the decades, Indo-German collaboration has deepened on many fronts, including space.

Space Inventions We Use Every Day!

Did you know we use NASA spin-off technologies in our daily lives?

What’s Up, Germany?’s Survival Kit for a Space Trip!

Living in space is not the same as living on Earth. Check out how different it is!