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  • Dr. Martin Ney, German Ambassador to India

What’s Up, Ambassador?

Dr. Martin Ney: “Germany wholeheartedly supports the Indian government in implementing urban mobility projects.”

  • Public Transportation

Did You Know?

Check out these facts from the action-packed world of transportation.

  • History of Transportation

This Is How We Did It! A History of Transportation

What’s Up, Germany? presents a truly fascinating history of transportation.

  • Strokes of Genius - Famous German Inventors

Strokes of Genius

What’s Up, Germany? gives you interesting insights into the lives of some great German inventors, one wheel at a time.

  • Public transportation in India & Germany

Urban Transport: A Tale in Need of a Happy Ending

An ever-increasing population has placed a tangible load on our infrastructure. What can be done to improve this situation?

  • Indo-German collaborations | Indo-German Ties

India & Germany: On a Roll!

What’s Up, Germany? takes a look at a few Indians and Germans whose travels have built bridges, including our very own trio from the German Embassy New Delhi!

  • Indo-German Collaborations & Ties

Indo-German Cooperation: Full Steam Ahead!

Germany assists India in implementing green urban mobility solutions.

  • Public Transportation in India

India: The Future is Electrifying!

What’s Up, Germany? looks at the steps the Indian government is taking to improve our transport infrastructure.

  • Public Transportation in Germany

Germany: Moving in the Right Direction

What’s Up, Germany? gives you an overview of Germany's efficient and well-integrated public transport.

  • Cycling in Germany

Bicycle Days

Cycling is so big in Germany that there are autobahns being built exclusively for bicycles!

  • German Automobile Companies

The Germans and their Autos

Check out these German car brands that have made their mark across the globe. Get ready for some vroom!

  • Future of Transportation

Transportation of Tomorrow: A Peek into the Future

Let's take a peek into the future and see what kind of amazing vehicles could change the way we travel in the years to come.