• Dr. Martin Ney, German Ambassador to India

What’s Up, Ambassador?

“Design is one of the most important contributions for which Germany has a deserved reputation. German products—known for their quality seal “Made in Germany”—are much sought after,” says Dr Ney.

  • Did You Know? - What’s Up, Germany? - Design (2018 | Issue 3)

Did You Know?

Check out these fascinating facts from the world of design.

  • Defining Design

Defining Design

What’s Up, Germany? takes a look at the broad range of design.

  • All Things Bauhaus!

All Things Bauhaus!

What’s Up, Germany? pays tribute to the Bauhaus, which has left a legacy that is relevant even after 100 years.

  • Timeless Modernism Bauhaus Beauties

Timeless Modernism: Bauhaus Beauties

Enjoy a pictorial portrayal of Bauhaus classics that have shaped today’s design world.

  • Indo-German Design Connections

Indo-German Design Connections

What’s Up, Germany? recollects Indo-German tie-ups in the world of design through the years.

  • Designer Speak - What’s Up, Germany? - Design 2018 | Issue 3

Designer Speak

Indian and German designers told What’s Up, Germany? what comes to mind when they hear the words German design.

  • Fashion: Of Threads & Trends

Fashion: Of Threads & Trends

While exploring the fashion scene in Germany, What’s Up, Germany? uncovered some interesting things.

  • Design Made in Germany

Design Made in Germany

From cars to kitchens, pens to watches, German industrial design is all about innovation, functionality and quality you can count on.

  • Inside Story

Inside Story

Let's take a look at the exciting interior design landscape in Germany, with a focus on furniture.

  • Design Your Dreams in Germany - Design schools

Design Your Dreams in Germany

What’s Up, Germany? gives you an overview of some top design schools in Germany that offer courses in English.

  • Futuristic Design

Futuristic Designs

Presenting modern German design that looks to the future, from products, alternative materials to buildings. These are a few of our favourite things!