• Dr Martin Ney - What's Up, Ambassador?

What’s Up, Ambassador?

“As a career diplomat and a Western classical musician, I enjoy contributing to bringing my culture to India,” says Dr Martin Ney.

  • Did You Know? - Culture (2017 | issue 3)

Did You Know?

Check out these interesting facts about Germany!

  • German Culture

Germany: Culturally Cool!

What’s Up, Germany? brings you Germany in all its cultural richness.

  • German Food Festivals

Food, Festivals and Fun!

Germany is a nation of festivals. And Germans sure know how to celebrate!

  • From Beethoven to Boney M

From Beethoven to Boney M

What’s Up, Germany? explores Germany’s lively cultural scene—both past and present.

  • German Media

Germany: Media Mix

Know all about Germany's vibrant media landscape.

  • German Art & Architecture

Of Cubism & Cathedrals

What’s Up, Germany? takes a look at German art and architecture through the years.

  • Fascinating world of Gaming, Sports and fashion - Germany

Game On!

Germans bring precision and hard work even to gaming, sports and fashion!

  • Indo-German Cultural Connections

Indo-German Cultural Connections

What’s Up, Germany? celebrates India and Germany's close cultural connections.

  • The Winning Team: India & Germany

The Winning Team: India & Germany

Sports. Music. Language. Cultural heritage conservation. There's lots of Indo-German action!

  • India in Germany: From Bollywood to Bharatnatyam

India in Germany: From Bollywood to Bharatnatyam

Yoga. Bollywood. Holi. Indian food and music. You'll find it all in Germany!

  • German Cultural Icons

German Cultural Icons

What’s Up, Germany? raises a toast to some iconic Germans who changed the world as we know it.