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  • Dr. Martin Ney, German Ambassador to India | What’s Up, Germany?

What’s Up, Ambassador?

Dr Martin Ney talks about climate change and the progress Germany and India are making in transitioning to clean energy.

  • Climate Change

Climate Change

Achtung: the heat is on! Ben the Bear gives you a quick low-down on climate change and the COP21.

  • Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Know the facts. Know the reality. 'Cuz knowledge is power.

  • Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Think Clean. Live clean. Switch to Renewable Energy! It's never been cooler to go alternative!

  • Sustainable Urban Development | Smart City Features

Germany: A Clean Energy Role Model

Want to know what makes Germany a clean energy role model for the world?

  • India and Germany | Indo-German Relations | Indo-German Collaborations

The A-team: India and Germany

The fantastic Indo-German story: cooperation, action & jubilation.

  • Solar Energy in India | German Solar Panels in India

A Solar Revolution in the making

Sunny side up! Did you know India may surpass its 2016 solar projects' target!

  • German Solar Panels in India | Sustainable Urban Development

A Day in a Solar Factory

Curious Ben visited a solar factory near Kolkata to see how a solar panel is made.

  • Wind & Geothermal Energy

Wind & Geothermal Energy

The solution, my friend, is blowing in the wind and under the earth's surface. More power to wind and geothermal energy!

  • Bioenergy & Hydropower in India

Bioenergy & Hydropower

Bioenergy: organic matter matters!
Hydropower: making a splash in India

  • India: Transitioning to Clean Energy

India: Transitioning to Clean Energy

Follow India's transition to clean energy, energy efficiency and sustainability.

  • What's Up, Germany? Exclusive Interview with Dr Arunabha Ghosh, CEO, CEEW

What’s Up, Germany? Exclusive Interview

Expert Speak: Dr Arunabha Ghosh, CEO of India's number one climate-related think tank, talks the talk.