/60 years of Indo-German development cooperation
  • Dr. Martin Ney, German Ambassador to India

What’s Up, Ambassador?

“Working together as partners in progress, India and Germany are geared up to tackle global development challenges,” says Dr Ney.

  • Indo-German development cooperation

Did You Know?

Check out some interesting facts on Indo-German development cooperation.

  • Indo German Ties - A Tale of Two Friends

A Tale of Two Friends

What’s Up, Germany? traces the journey of Indo-German friendship. We sure go back a long way!

  • India & Germany Facing Challenges Together

India and Germany: Facing Challenges Together

India is one of Germany’s most important development partners. Both countries have been working side by side for 60 years now.

  • Global Goals for all

Global Goals For All

We keep hearing about the Sustainable Development Goals. What exactly are they? And what do they aim to achieve?

  • India Holds The Key

India Holds The Key

India is on the move. The economy is dynamic, society is changing, as are people’s aspirations. But there are also many challenges.

  • 60 Years of Indo-German Development Cooperation

60 Years! Hurrah!

What’s Up, Germany? highlights the milestones of Indo-German development cooperation over the last 60 years.

  • Moving Towards a Better Future

Moving Towards a Better Future

Let's take a look at the measures India and Germany have taken for sustainable urban development in the country.

Let There be Light

What’s Up, Germany? brings you Indo-German action in the energy sector.

  • Environment Watch - Indo-German Environment Partnership

Environment Watch

Find out how Germany is helping India fight climate change and environmental degradation.

  • Women Empowerment

Making Strong Strides

What’s Up, Germany? gives you an overview of the progress made on women empowerment.

  • One world No hunger India- Filling Everyone's Plate

Filling Everyone’s Plate

What’s Up, Germany? takes a look at the special initiative “One World, No Hunger”.