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What’s Up, Ambassador?

“Film festivals dedicated to almost all genres and regions
of the world take place in Germany. Bollywood is so popular,
it has its very own festival in Stuttgart!”

— Ambassador Dr Martin Ney


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Between 1935 and 1939, the German director
Franz Osten directed 16 feature films
in the Bombay film industry!

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Enchanting. Picturesque. Historical. Modern.

Enter the realm of film locations in Germany!



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Cinema – 2018 | Issue 4

Cinema (2018 | Issue 4)

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What’s Up, Ambassador?

Dr Martin Ney appreciates the magical world of cinema and Germany's cinematic tradition.

Did You Know?

Increase your knowledge of cinema with this movie trivia!

The History of Cinema

What’s Up, Germany? presents some of the most important milestones in the history of cinema.

German Kino: From Nosferatu to Victoria

Let's take a look at German cinema through the decades.

German Expressionism in Indian Film

What’s Up, Germany? examines how German Expressionism deeply influenced Indian film-makers.

Germans in the Bombay Film Industry

What’s Up, Germany? dips into film archives and traces fascinating stories of Germans working in the Bombay film industry.

Bollywood Masala in Germany!

Germany is the second-largest Bollywood market in Europe. What’s Up, Germany? explores Deutschland's love for all things Bollywood.

Indo-German Bollywood Connections

What’s Up, Germany? presents Indo-German collaborations in the field of cinema in recent years.

The Berlinale: A Celebration of Cinema

The Berlinale is the second-largest film festival in the world. What’s Up, Germany? takes a look at this fascinating event.

What’s Up, Germany?‘s Exclusive Interview

Shubhra Gupta, film critic and senior columnist with The Indian Express, talks about the fascinating world of cinema.

Films Starring Germany!

What's Up, Germany? brings you a photo essay of famous films shot in Germany.

Germany: Cinema Action!

What’s Up, Germany? travels to Berlin, Munich and Hamburg in search of places dedicated to film and finds lots of action!

What’s Up, Germany?‘s Survival Kit

Here are ten must-see German movies from 1998 onwards that you can't afford to miss!

What’s Up, Germany?‘s Cinema Quiz

Read the Indo-German mag with swag and attempt this multiple-choice quiz.

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